First be discipline to yourself that will make you free from any addiction, if you addicted to smoking use this inhaler to relief, don’t get addicted to this inhaler instead of relieving from smoking.

Nicotine is a toxic oily liquid found in tobacco, tobacco is the dried nicotine. It is an organic component depending on strength.

E liquid products are made up of listed ingredients and they are Nicotine, Artificial flavours, Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Many websites are selling the quality e liquid among the competitive price.

The average optimized ratios of e liquid products are 20 % of propylene glycol and 80 % of Vegetable Glycerine. Actually propylene glycol is a petroleum product.  About the Vegetable Glycerine (VG) consistency is very thick and somewhat loaded with sweetness. This VG is come up with tobacco and menthol flavours. The benefits of this combining the VG and PG product is like to getting the smokeless cigarettes. This e liquid can be used to make many products.

Various E liquid product lists

This e liquid can be used to many products like Beverages, Candy, Cream, and Breakfast items, Dessert, Fruity, Menthol, Yogurt and Tobacco.


  1. Beverages

The more e liquid available in the Beverages listed on Hipster, summer, Milk Shake, Snap, Smurf and velocity. The limited stocks only available and you can add the products in the cart. If product is available then they will send the notifications by your registered mobile number or registered email address.  The size of the products you can choose by check box allotted.


The beverage product size in two options, one is 30 ml is sufficient for the smaller productions and the larger quantity requires another option like 120 ml and nicotine quantity also you can choose by the check box allotted and you can make a order of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. why they give provide the 0mg is nicotine cause some severe side effects. The quantity of the product you can choose by your own choices.


  1. Breakfast items


The e liquid products of breakfast items are available as Krispy, pebbls, Hipster, Morning, Bear claw, Crunch, Hype and nana bread. The nana bread is made up with banana Nut bread and Hype is made up with Marshmallow cereal donut with ice. The crunch has to be made up with cinnamon crunch and bear claw is made up with cinnamon apple fritter pastry. Morning can made up with Banana pancakes with maple syrup. The Hipster can be made by Creamy dark roast café latte. Pebbles can make by Fruity cereal snack bar and krispy can be used to make sweet glazed donut. The products are available in two size options. One is 30 ml is another option like 120 ml.


  1. Menthol, Yogurt and tobacco


There is only product is available for menthol is Ice Dragon. Ice Dragon is made with blueberry and dragon fruit with fresh mint. There is only two product is available for yogurt is berrygurt and Rocket.