Helpful Tips When Flying With Medical Marijuana

Boarding a flight when in possession of medical marijuana makes most patients ask themselves if there might be problems that come with doing so. The truth is that this is no ordinary prescription and no wonder there is a lot of debate when traveling with cannabis medication. Here is a write up that offers useful recommendations for persons that will be flying while in possession of medical marijuana.

First things first, it is essential that you have the medical prescription with you. Never leave this behind as you will have a hard time convincing the authorities that your cannabis is for health matters. In the event that you have lost yours, you could liaise with an online dispensary Canada offers today so as to be given another one. You can be sure that no one will be breathing down your neck should you have medical documentation while at the airport.

It is on the same note that you will be making a wise decision giving a heads up to the screening staff that there is medical marijuana in your luggage. Some travelers are of the opinion that it would be better to remain mum about this but this can leave a bitter taste in the mouth as the search can be intense to an extent that the plane takes off as the search goes on. Alerting them early enough will prove that you have no reason to hide and thus save you all the trouble.

Keep in mind that a search might still be necessary even after you have made it known that you have medical marijuana with you. Do not therefore be shocked just in case the policeman needs to check what’s contained in the luggage. Remember that marijuana is still listed among the controlled substances according to the law and the checking will only be to confirm that you are not carrying more than what it is allowed.

Experts advice that this kind of a search means that you can at times expect some delay. If you are not in contravention of the law, you need not be worried of your precious time going down the drain as the process will barely cross the 30 minute mark. As earlier mentioned, ensure that you inform them that you have medical marijuana with you to avoid unnecessary delays. Do yourself a favor by arriving earlier as this ensures the search never affects your plans.

Research shows that medical marijuana definitely has its benefits. Nonetheless, the authorities cannot afford to put their guard down now that they don’t want people violating the law. The guidelines that are aforementioned will be useful next time you will be flying to your preferred destination.