There are several reasons as to why people lose weight. People may lose weight intentionally while others may lose it due to malnutrition. Whichever the case, there are known side effects of losing weight dramatically. This is the reason as to why people who chose to lose weight should seek the advice of qualified clinicians. Dr. Amanda Brimhall is a functional medicine doctor from the United States. She is well known for her role with Waterfront Wellness. The doctor can be very resourceful for people seeking to lose weight through functional medicine.

Weight loss explained
Weight loss results in the body mass reduction of a person. This is often caused by loss of fluid as well as loss of body fat. It can also be caused by loss of lean mass. For starters, lean mass refers to the connective tissues of the body, tendons as well as bone mineral deposits. Many people know intentional weight loss as slimming and is popular among girls.

Intentional Weight Loss
The main aim of intentional weight loss is improving the fitness of an individual while at the same time improving their health. Consequently, the changes result in appearance changing and hence the slimming. This practice is common to people who are said to be obese or overweight. Remember that obesity is just like a condition and can bring along other medical complications such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. This means that weight loss can be the cure to high blood pressure and other conditions.

A doctor like Armada will tell you that exercising improves metabolism resulting in the absorption of nutrients and food. This, on the other hand, results in the utilization of reserves which is the excess fat resulting in obesity. Weight loss is also common for athletes looking to gain top form.

Causes of weight gain
Now that we have mentioned about weight loss, it’s important to mention what causes weight gain. Some of the issues associated with weight gain include intake of refined carbohydrates, consuming alcohol as well as consuming sugars and fats. Other reasons that may lead to weight gain include boredom, stress and even depression. Funny enough, there are risks associated with being underweight such as the inability to fight infections, high chances of death as well as being unable to regulate your body temperature. Another known disadvantage of being underweight is decreased muscle strength and high chances of contracting osteoporosis.

Common techniques used in weight loss
While people may suggest many ways of dealing with weight loss, the most appropriate ones remain intensive physical activity and changing eating patterns. According to the World Health Organization, the easiest way of reducing weight gain is keeping off salts, sugar and processed foods with high levels of carbohydrates. To ensure that there are bowel movements in your body, you should also consume fiber and vegetables. For people suffering from severe obesity, they can undergo a procedure known as the bariatric surgery. Dietary supplements are also good ways of keeping your weight in check. There are also drugs that work well in taming the appetite of an individual.