Answering Common Health Questions As the saying goes “Health is wealth.”, so people strive to be physical, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually happy, because it is a balance we need to achieve in order to attain happiness, quality of life and success. Unfortunately, many of us are becoming unmindful and reckless of what we eat every day, taking in highly processed and less nutritious food, no enough rest, sleep, and exercise, and we are exposed to different types of chemicals and substances due to products we use and the environment we live in. It’s about time to wake up and finally realize that we need healthy bodies in order for us to live longer and happier, because even if we work so hard or even if we acquire all the riches in the world, if our bodies are sick, we won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and end up living in pain and suffering. Allow us to be an instrument for you to change for the best, so you can start living healthy and happily. What happens if we take in too much sugar? Many of us love sweets, but our bodies can safely metabolize only about six added sugar daily, and most Americans consume over three times to that amount, and majority of excess sugar intake are metabolized and deposited as fats, leading to debilitating chronic metabolic diseases such as diabetes. It is important to reduce intake of sweets and high carbohydrate food, drink water when you can’t help drinking sodas and fruit juices, and adding fermented foods such as organic yogurt, natto, kimchi and fermented vegetables to provide beneficial bacteria to support your digestion. We all love to eat junk foods such as ice cream, chocolate, pizza, macaroni and cheese, burger, soda, and chips, but we don’t realize in the long run that we may suffer from heart attack or stroke, because these food have high unhealthy fats and sugar that cause constricting of blood vessels, tissue inflammation, high blood pressure and a surge and drop of blood sugar levels leading to a feeling of hunger even just right after a meal. It is better to consume fruits and vegetables, as well as homemade meals from scratch using whole ingredients for optimal nutrition, and doing these will reduce your intake of refined sugars, preservatives, processed fructose, dyes and nasty chemicals.
Getting Creative With Health Advice
Let us go back to basics, rather than buying junk food, better grab fruits in the supermarket, because they are ready to eat like banana, apples, and oranges just wash it properly. What happens if you eat nutritious food? Eating nutritious food promote proper metabolism, good blood circulation, healthier body cells, bowel movement and better digestion. For more health and fitness article, feel free to check out our website and homepage.Resources – Getting Started & Next Steps