Explaining Program Management, Assembly, Logistics and Transportation Explaining Program Management Program management is the method of managing a few connected projects in order to improve a company or organization’s performance. A lot of these said programs aim to be able to deliver a potential to transform. Only when that capacity is moved to the line management and be used by the host company will the benefits be delivered. Program management is essential as it is basically the structured framework that lets organizations run several related projects all at the same time in order to achieve a common goal. Assembly and Packaging
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Organizations are trying to keep up with the continuous race of being able to meet their customers’ product expectations and requirements. The change in the package variations is making it harder to companies to get the right product to the right customer at the right time. This is why it is important that companies will be able to organize their assembly and/or packaging and make sure that their satisfaction rates stay high. Co-locating the assembly and/or packaging with the storage of the company’s products will not only save some money but also remove steps in the supply chain. Taking off the transportation time that it would take to bring the products to the packaging facility means that the company will be able to reduce their lead times and decrease their inventory.
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Logistics and Transportation – What Are They and Are They The Same? Transportation is commonly known by many as the transfer or movement of objects, animals, and even people from one place to another. Transportation is known to be able to enable the ability to communicate and trade. Transportation is then important because it is known to enable trade between people and communities which then establishes civilizations. Modes of transportation include rail, water, cable, road, space, and many others. While logistics is commonly known as the method of implementing, taking control and planning the effective and efficient transfer of goods. On the other hand, in an industrial context, logistics is defined as the method of producing, obtaining and distributing material and product in its proper location and in proper numbers. Now, the question is, are they the same thing? If you have read through their definitions, it would be easy for you to spot their differences. Logistics requires the planning while transportation is basically the method to be able to accomplish the plan. Obviously, they are nothing close to similar as transportation is technically merely a part of logistics. Though they are not the same, it is still important for one to be there in order for the other to work perfectly. In order to achieve good service for the customers, it is important that the both of them will work in harmony.